Pros and cons of Mods&Tanksvape-mods-&-tanksAdvantage

There is no doubt that mods&tanks is the most versatile electronic cigarette device you can use. There are different mod sizes, there must be one that suits you.



The battery life is very long, so long as you can hardly imagine, high-end vaper can customize the vape settings. The reloadable electronic cigarette also has customizable settings, but it is far from the freedom provided by the mod&tanks combination.

Mods & tanks will not force you to use proprietary hardware (such as RELX cartridges), so if you need more powerful performance, you can replace tanks when needed. Some vapers will start with basic MTL Tanks and then simply purchase a tank with sub-ohm capabilities to upgrade.

It does depend on the power of the modem, but most people can easily complete the Tank upgrade.

You can use more types of e-cigarette liquid in mods&tanks combination. A high VG is very suitable, because it is often difficult to effectively use the refill pod. This is a major advantage and an advantage that often dictates vapers’ decisions.

Finally, mods & tanks provide unparalleled large smoke, which can not be competed with the reloading pod. If you use sub-ohm tanks, RDA or RDTA and high VG liquid, then you can smoke super huge smoke.


Just like the refill pods, the shortcomings of mods&tanks largely depend on personal preference, but they should still be mentioned.

Mods & tanks can be heavy and bulky, making some larger mods & tanks difficult to carry around. Most refillable pods do not have this problem. If you need something light, it may be a better choice.

The setup can be complicated and confusing. Multiple modes and VT (variable temperature) settings for different wire types are a nightmare for some vapers, who just want to smoke a few e-cigarettes.

Oil spills may be a problem for some people. Most tanks will not have this problem, but the fact is that some tanks will leak oil.

Whether it’s its poor coil design or broken seal, it can be frustrating for vapers to deal with it, especially if you happen to be out when it happens! The reloading pouches leak less oil, so if you You need a trouble-free e-cigarette, and the refill pod is your best choice.

The difference of vape pod with modsVape oil

If you have just started vaping, or have been vaping for a while, you should have noticed the recent popularity of refill pods. There are two types of e-cigarettes: traditional e-cigarettes and refillable pods. Not only do they look different, but the refill pods are also smaller and more convenient, and there are other obvious differences between traditional e-cigarettes and refill pods that you should consider when deciding to buy.

Traditional e-cigarettes are designed for sub-ohm vaping and are used with e-liquid with a higher plant glycerin content. The higher plant glycerin content is to produce thicker and fuller smoke. Many vapers like large smoke because the fuller smoke provides a pleasant visual experience. Smokers can choose e-liquids with different amounts of nicotine or no nicotine at all.

On the other hand, the refill pods are becoming very popular. The best pod modulator contains nicotine salt e-liquid, which has a higher nicotine concentration than free radical e-liquid used in traditional e-cigarettes, and has different nicotine strengths. The e-liquid-filled pods they use are small enough to fit in pockets and purses.

It should be noted that using nicotine salts in traditional tanks may cause problems, and free radical smoke oil is compatible with most traditional mods.


Due to its higher nicotine salt content, refill pods are more ideal for smokers who want to quit smoking. The best refillable pods are also lighter than traditional electronic cigarettes and can easily provide an experience similar to smoking cigarettes.

Many people are already using pouches when switching from smoking to vaping because they allow smokers to choose the smoke with the nicotine content and the flavor they like.

Traditional e-cigarettes are slightly larger and provide vapers with the ability to play with different settings and easily customize their vape experience. Vapers who do not need a certain nicotine content prefer these because they can customize their equipment to create the perfect density for the smoke they want.

Smokers in the past could also use traditional electronic cigarettes as a way to help them quit smoking, but these did not provide the same excellent user experience, such as the ideal size and weight of the person who used the cigarette.

Economic cost

Traditional e-cigarettes that can be refilled with liquid smoke are generally more cost-effective. Although there are some closed refill pods that can’t be refilled, and the amount of use can be changed according to your daily use, refillable pods are the cheapest vape in the long run. Because you have the ability to refill your cartridges with high-concentration nicotine salt of your favorite flavor. Because you should only need one or two bottles of your favorite e-liquid a month, compared to buying a filled cartridge or a traditional e-cigarette, a refillable e-cigarette will save more money.

On the other hand, traditional e-cigarettes require more work. With the refilling of the tank, for example, replacing the coil at least twice a month is very expensive.

Which one should I choose? pods or mod?vape-pod-vs-mod

Like everything in the vaping world, it is almost entirely due to personal preference-to find the perfect e-cigarette for yourself may require you to do some experiments, but with the help of our experienced team and a large number of experts, this will be a breeze! Our team will help you. However, when you choose between refillable pods and traditional e-cigarettes, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

How much power do you need?

If high power and strong sub-ohm vape are your first choice, then traditional e-cigarettes are definitely your better choice. Traditional e-cigarettes are usually able to carry a higher power battery in their larger body, thereby improving performance at high wattage, better transmission power, faster heating, stronger taste and greater exhalation, Greater smoke.

However, if you don’t mind sacrificing a little power in the name of practicality and convenience, you will be very satisfied with the refill pod. There are many refillable pouches on the market today, even if they do not have the same volume as traditional electronic cigarettes, they still have a fairly strong impact!

What is the shape and size of your vape?

One of the main disadvantages of traditional e-cigarettes is their bulky shape and size, and their potential for oil leakage, because they are mainly customized by users. However, today, oil spills are almost impossible. The e-cigarette industry has technology updates every day, allowing the manufacture of smaller and thinner e-cigarettes without having to compromise on performance or power, although it is not always cheap! Traditional e-cigarettes are becoming more user-friendly, regardless of Is it a smart, leak-proof shell or a more ergonomic shape to achieve a comfortable user experience.

On the other hand, the changeable pod has been given priority to ergonomics for many years, with a smaller, smoother, lighter, and more modern design. These products are smaller in size, easy to carry, and can be comfortably placed in pockets, bags, and purses without any oil leakage. If portability is very important to you, then the pod kit will be your best choice!

What is your price?

What is your price? Although vaping is much cheaper than smoking tobacco or cigarettes, some types of e-cigarettes are more economical, while other types of e-cigarettes are less economical. Closed refill pods are the most cost-effective way of vape. They are ideal for beginners and ex-smokers because they are the most convenient way to vape.

The open-system change of electronic cigarettes (replaceable and reusable e-liquid, you can fill with the e-liquid of your own choice) is a slightly more affordable option, although you still need to replace the cartridges semi-regularly. Traditional e-cigarettes are almost completely supplemented with e-liquid. Although this is not the most affordable way of vape, it is the most environmentally friendly, because this method of filling is less wasteful.

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